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With the following procedures Play it Safe teaches you step by step the procedures and actions that are necessary to go through a basic First Aid training and help to ensure awareness among your personnel.

First aid:

Level 1

  • Fainting: analysis situation, right steps, stable side position, alerting emergency services.
  • Abdominal shock: analysis situation, right steps in case of choking.
  • Cardiac massage: short heart massage in action (takeover).
  • Stroke: recognize and act correctly in case of stroke.

Level 2

  • AED: CPR situation with use of AED in action, semi-automatic and fully automatic.
  • CPR advanced: analysis situation, right steps, chest compressions in detail in action, emergency services notify.


The following environments are, depending on their nature, also equipped with a changing room, toilet, hallway,…

  • Offices
  • Offices with adjoining customer area
  • Kitchen with dining area and customer area
  • Building construction
  • Construction infra
  • Public space construction (hospital)
  • Factory with production and logistics
  • Recreational area with parking and street
  • Shop space (clothing, …)
  • Workshop with machines
  • Hospital
  • Industrial loading and unloading environment. (truck to silos, storage…)