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With the following procedures Play it Safe teaches you step by step the procedures and actions that are necessary to go through basic Fire training and help to ensure awareness among your personnel.

Fire prevention:

Level 1

  • Internal alarm: red alarm buttons and internal emergency number.
  • External alarm: contact emergency services.
  • Fire extinguisher foam: short with actions use learning.
  • Fire blanket: learn how to use it action based.
  • Fire hose reel: learn how to use it action based.
  • Fire extinguisher CO2: learn how to use it action based.
  • Fire extinguisher Powder: learn how to use it action based.

Level 2

  • Evacuation for general personnel.
  • Evacuation for leaders
  • Starting Fire: small fire situation, raising the internal alarm, trying to extinguish it.
  • Major Fire: Extensive fire, internal alarm, external alarm, evacuation.
  • Smoke development: Fire with smoke situation, internal alarm, attempted extinguishing, external alarm, evacuation.


The following environments are, depending on their nature, also equipped with a changing room, toilet, hallway,…

  • Offices
  • Offices with adjoining customer area
  • Kitchen with dining area and customer area
  • Building construction
  • Construction infra
  • Public space construction (hospital)
  • Factory with production and logistics
  • Recreational area with parking and street
  • Shop space (clothing, …)
  • Workshop with machines
  • Hospital
  • Industrial loading and unloading environment. (truck to silos, storage…)